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How To Calculate Reverse Sales Tax In the USA

Use this reverse sales tax calculator whenever you need to check the number of items purchased before paying sales tax. To calculate the sales tax amount, you need to know the net price of the item and the sales tax rate at the location where you buy the item.

This method assumes that you know the total after-tax price of the item and the tax rate that has been assessed, so you need to work backward to find out how much money was spent on sales tax.

Rather than calculating sales tax from the purchase amount, it is easier to reverse the sales tax and separate the sales tax from the total. For example, if the full payment is $57.98 and you paid 1.07% sales tax, you can enter these numbers into our calculator to determine your original pre-tax price.

For example, if you paid $26.75 for items and the tax on your receipt was 7% or $1.75, the items would have a pre-tax value of $25. Reverse Tax Calculator can calculate easily with one click.

You can also determine sales tax by dividing the total tax you pay as a customer by the item's price before tax. If you know the total value of the item after-tax, you can deduct the pre-tax price and subtract it from the after-tax price to determine the exact tax you pay at retail. The price of an item purchased after tax can be divided by the tax paid in decimal, calculated by converting the percentage to a decimal. The result you get is the tax rate on the item you paid, and it's expressed as a decimal number.

This calculation helps ensure that you're charging the correct amount at the store and helps to understand the overall percentage of sales tax on the final price.

The only thing to remember in our Reverse Sales Tax Calculator is that the top input field is the sales tax percentage and the bottom input field is the total purchase price. So whether you're doing a reverse sales tax calculation using a receipt or trying to calculate the pre-tax cost of an item, the calculation is the same.